Why You Shouldn’t Joke With Your Studies

Why You Shouldn’t Joke With Your Studies

A lot of people are fun of taking their studies unserious. But, why should a student who knows the meaning of education should ever behave in such a way?

Well, I know it’s not everyone who are in school are there to study, some are just there to help others succeed and also increase the population of the school.

Could you believe that if I may ask now what’s the meaning of “Education” that the majority of people won’t be able to give me a creative meaning about Education?

I know you are saying to yourself that it’s not someone like you who could not define Education. I do not doubt you but I truly believe that someone like you knows what you are doing in school.

Why You Shouldn’t Joke With Your Studies

Are you waiting for me to define Education for you? At this point, I don’t know what you are trying to do or say.

Before I even ask you to define Education, I know that you have go to Google to search for the meaning of it.

But, let me just ask you a little question “Will you still Google things in Examination Hall” or even when you are writing Mathematics?

It sounds very fun, but I believe that many people do Google Mathematics to write. Please, don’t laugh and fall down, just relax and read to the end, so that you will understand why you shouldn’t joke with your studies.

Let me just help you by defining Education for you because you still want to know the meaning.

Education has the name implies is define as the process of learning which leads to the total development of an individual, making such an individual a useful member in society.

This is my own meaning of education, I know you can also define yours the way you want or like it.

Have you ever settle down to ask yourself why a lot of people are engaged in illegal activities?

This isn’t because there are not brought up in a well-mannered way or weren’t educated but because they lack the understanding of Education, which has made a lot of them what they are today in society.

Why You Shouldn’t Joke With Your Studies.

1. To Be Useful In The Society

This is one of the most reasons why you shouldn’t joke with your studies. Many things that happen today in our society are caused by people who think they know it all.

It’s better to study hard in school than to be doing unnecessary things when you are opportune to be in school because a lot of people are praying to be where you are but they couldn’t because of one thing or the other.

So, always take every opportunity seriously because that’s what will help you in the future.

2. To Become Who You Want To

Everybody has a dream in life. But, how will you be able to achieve your aim in life when you aren’t serious with your studies?

When you were a child you told your parents and friends that you would like to an Engineer, Doctor, and Lawyer.  

And, I want to ask you a question now; how will it be possible for you to achieve the above mention professions when your busy doing unnecessary things in school?

It’s better, you sit-up and focus on your studies and stop deceiving yourself.

Although there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t joke with your studies, for me, I have to end mine here.

But, you can still add yours if you want to by using the comment session. We are hoping to hear from you as well.

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