Things That Make Students To Fail Woefully In School

Things That Make Students To Fail Woefully In School

When talking about school, there are a lot of things that are involved. It isn’t about getting admission but what happens after starting?

Numerous students are fun of relaxing their effort when the just gain admission into their school of choice.

But, why is it that way? This is because a lot of them were just to be school not to study but to feel among and bear the name student.

It’s quite unfortunate that many still don’t know why there are in school. Being in school is not just to have good grades which you can’t defend if you ask.

But, defending it and also expressing yourself to the public, so that others will learn from you.

A student should be the kind of person that is ready to learn always not just feeling tyrant as if you know everything when you know nothing.

Even, in class, there are students who don’t write a note or listen to what is been taught in class. If you are a kind of student, I will like to ask you a question; why where you even in school?

You are not in school to show up yourself or who you are but to learn new things in life and what will help you to succeed as well.

I know you are doing all these things just because you are not the one paying the school fees because if you are opportune to pay school fees for a term or a semester then you will know what it means and you will stop the joke at that point.

Things That Make Students To Fail Woefully In School

Even, if you are the one paying the fees that shouldn’t give you the courage to do such because your future is in your hands.

Most people that you see today involved in the different illegal acts in the society where once a student like you and the acted like you some years back.

So, the question now is; would you like to be like them? No, then why don’t you want to sit up and study your books because that is what will help you in the future?

Stop carrying your shoulders up so that, people will be afraid of you. For how long will you continue to do that? And, how will that benefit you instead of studying hard to succeed? Always think about the future and forget about what you see today in life.

Things That Make Students To Fail Woefully In School.

1. Peer Group Influence

These have ruined a lot of people’s lives both in school and out of school. Don’t be influence by anybody, no matter the position of the person.

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Focus on your studies because that is why you were in school. You didn’t go there to look for someone but rather you were there to study.

2. Relationship

This one, in particular, isn’t a joke at all. Many people have fall victim and have regretted their effort in even being in a mutual relationship in school.

It’s better to focus on your studies and stop following women up and down. There is nothing there will do to you or even give you but rather you will be the one to spend when you didn’t have much.

At this point, it is better to focus on your studies and stop being distracted by certain things that won’t help you in any way.

Believe in yourself and focus on your studies then you will see that people will be looking for you instead of you looking for them. Be Wise!

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